• Nicholas Wong

5 Stages of Video Design

The 5 Stages that happen in every successful video design production are,







In this stage, the video designer meets the client, sets out a timeline to the actual performance date of the production, and also does research and brainstorming to come up with the designs for the piece.


The Designer then makes moodboards and storyboards to present his ideas to his team. Site visits also happen at this stage so that the designer can take measurements of the space so that when the content is made it will fit in the dimensions of the space. The Designer also has meetings with the Director or Production Manager to have a better idea of what the final result of the design should be.


This is the stage where all the video content is made. If filmed footage is required for the video content, the designer has to go out and film it. Technical Equipment is also hired and this stage of the process.


Setting up projectors and screens will be what happens in most of the "Technical Stage", as well as focusing, mapping, keystoning and edge-blending the projectors once they've been set up.


At this stage, the Video Operator is in charge of managing the video desk and triggering the video clips and cues when needed.

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