• Nicholas Wong

Blood Rite (Crewing)

Blood Rite was the first opportunity that the first year VDLP students had to crew for an external project. I thought that being able to crew on this project immensely helped my understanding of the technical process of the show. Before the fit up day, we were involved with finding the technical equipment that was needed for the show, and doing a checklist of all the equipment and then testing them to see if they worked. Being assigned to find all the bits of kit really helped me familiarise myself with all the storage spaces in Guildhall, and learning how to test the equipment was also a way to learn how the different equipment worked. I also learnt more about some of the different connectors and cables that we used for the project, especially with the power cables such as the 16amp and 13amp plugs, which I did not know much about before. Learning how to load up the van was also very useful, as I felt that knowing how to pack as much equipment into the van safely would help reduce the amount of van trips needed to ferry the technical gear over and save more time for fit up.

On the day of the fit up, we first set up the heras fencing for the projector towers. I have never worked on an outdoor installation, so things like setting up fencing and scaffold towers were also new to me and I felt that as someone who is looking to enter the projection mapping industry, even though setting up these kinds of equipment may seem dull nor not very technical, knowing how to set them up is still essential knowledge. Setting up the corex for the windows was another job that on the surfaced seemed dull, but it was something that had to be done properly or it would've affected the final outcome of the show.

Being able to come in to the mapping session was a fascinating experience. It was the first time I got to see how architectural projection mapping was actually done. I've seen architectural projection mapping shows before in Singapore, but I always never got to see how they got to the final product. It was also an experience fighting the elements at 4am in the morning, with the freezing wind and snow something that I never had to deal before in my life.

I was really glad to be part of this production, and cannot wait to have a role that takes more responsibility in future productions as I progress through the VDLP course.

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