• Nicholas Wong


Updated: Jul 6, 2020

An interactive installation exploring the subjectivity of various media formats across time ; written word, photography and moving image. The piece was driven by facial data taken from the participant which would trigger different scenarios and sound cues based on facial movements and gestures.

This installation was split up in to 3 phases:

The first, exploring written text media, where the participant had to figure out if a quote shown to them was actually said by the accompanying person. The participant could indicate their choice by either nodding their head to mean they believed the quote to be correct, while shaking their head to indicate that they believed the quote to be false. The facial tracker would track their head movements and trigger different outcomes based on their choices. In the second phase, the piece deals with the subjectivity of photography. 2 images of the same event from different angles were placed side by side, which would only be revealed by a tiny viewport. The viewport would follow the direction the participants were facing, and as they looked around, the viewport would reveal more of the images. The images were selected for their contradictory angles of the same event, and the limited view would only ever show a single part of each photo at any given time. In the final phase, meant to symbolise the subjectivity of current media such as video, techniques like deepfaking and manipulation of video using Machine Learning/Neural Networks are explored, as the participant is able to control an image with their own face, using the participants facial gestures and applying it on to the target image. The programming for this installation was done entirely in Notch, a real-time 3d workstation. Conceptualised, designed and programmed by Nicholas Wong

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