• Nicholas Wong

Resolume Training

Before coming to VDLP, I had no idea what the process of projection mapping something was at all, and working on the few shows that had incorporated video, I always thought that Qlab was the preferred software for industry professionals when it came to triggering video content. The lessons that we had with Lexy about Resolume helped immensely in giving me an insight into the process of Video Jockeying (Vjing) and projection mapping. In a way, I felt that conceptually, Vjing was not as alien to me as I thought it would be, as it was similar to how Djs would use audio samples and add effects to them in their shows. I found the interface of Resolume to be very user friendly, and that it was very easy to pick up and start using. The only part of Resolume that was new to me was the concept of mapping, as all the video work that I had made prior to coming to VDLP was 2D and having it transform to fit a 3D space was still new to me.

Aside from the Resolume training that Lexy gave us, I thought that him sharing about the past work that he had done and the tours that he had been on were very useful and eye-opening. Getting to experience first hand the process of a touring industry professional helped me to visualise how Resolume is used in high budget and high intensity productions. I also found him sharing about touring life and working with internationally acclaimed DJs very enjoyable.

Our first test with Resolume came in the form of the open day installation, which the first years were in charge of. It took a few minutes to sit down with the rest of first year students to recall from the lesson and discuss how we would go about mapping the model house, but I feel that we managed to get the mapping done really quick and I was fairly happy with the end result that we got.

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