• Nicholas Wong

Stop Motion Animation Project

We were tasked with creating our own stop motion animation video, which only needed to be a few minutes long. Before we made anything, Kate asked us to look up some visual artists that used stop motion, to get a deeper understanding of what could be done with stop motion animation. One of the visual artists that I came across which I really liked was Japanese film maker Takashi Ito. I was very enthralled by the use of light in his work, and the dedication required to do everything frame by frame, and I felt that it really captured the spirit of Stop Motion Animation.

We started coming up with storyboards for our ideas, and it was the first time that I had ever drawn a storyboard so it was hard getting the ideas in my head onto the paper accurately. However, even with the rough drawings that I did, it was a tremendous help, as I had to keep referring back to the storyboard every time I got lost while shooting the video.

My concept for the video was a race between origami cars that would self assemble themselves. I used to play with paper cars all the time back in Singapore when I was a young boy and I wanted to incorporate these origami cars into the video. I also thought that having the cars fold themselves was something that looked aesthetically pleasing.

While shooting the project I realised how exhausting Stop Motion Animation actually was. I had a goal to stick with a frame rate of 20 frames per second, but I soon realised that it would have taken too much effort. I had to reduce the frame rate to half of that, 10 frames per second, which resulted in a very jumpy sort of feel of the video. I wanted to showcase the strengths of Stop Motion Animation, so I used some transitions and camera moves that could only have been done if you could "stop time", which is basically what Stop Motion Animation is doing. In the end, I was pretty satisfied with the final product that I came up with.

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