• Nicholas Wong

Technical Workshop : Isadora Training

We had 2 technical workshop sessions with Derek, who came in to teach us how about Isadora, a node-based graphics/video programming software. Prior to VDLP, I used a node-based audio software called PureData, and one of my assignments in college was to create a generative synthesizer system in PureData. Because of my previous experience in node-based softwares, I felt that it was easier for me to grasp how Isadora worked, and all it took for me was just to switch some of the terminology in my head and I was able to understand how programming in Isadora worked. Of course, the two sessions that we had were at a very basic level, and were meant more as an introduction, so I would still think that to program Isadora at a higher level would require much more study and practice with the program itself. One thing that I learned from the workshop was the incorporation of external stimulus, such as the mouse and the webcam, to control parameters and generate data within Isadora, whereas my previous experience with PureData was limited to using internal oscillators and number generators to affect control changes. Being able to have external audio/video feed control parameters in the software would be really useful in creating an interactive installation.

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