• Nicholas Wong

Waddesdon Manor (Crewing)

Although we were only at Waddesdon Manor for that single day, I was able to learn from the experience. Before we even got to Waddesdon Manor, there was an issue about the projectors overheating, and we had to go around looking for portable air coolers to try and cool down the projectors. In the end we weren't able to find any from the shops that were in Aylesbury, but the learning point that I took from that was to always be aware of external factors such as temperature when setting up for outdoor installations. When we reached the site, most of the stuff was already set up, so we didn't have to do much besides run some cables to the various projection towers. Right before the show started, I remember that there was an issue of the organisers wanting to start the show at 6, but the sun was still up so the projection couldn't be seen. In my head, I was wondering if a similar situation occurred in a production I was working on in the future, what would be the best way to resolve it or work around it. I think the only way to avoid this situation would probably be to sit down with the organising team and explain to them beforehand some of the technical requirements such as the level of light needed to run the show. I also realised that dressing appropriately for working outdoors for extended periods was extremely important. Unfortunately as I was not very experienced with English weather, I dressed for Aylesbury thinking that the temperature would be similar to London, which was around 10 degrees Celsius at the time, and the temperature at Waddesdon manor actually dropped to -5 degrees Celsius. I turned up wearing just a T-shirt and a simple windbreaker, and it ended up being so cold I had to hide in the toilet for most of the time.

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